Fonepay “Refer & Earn”

It is time that you all invite your friends and families to the “Number One Trusted App” of Nepal and participate in the Fonepay Offer App referral campaign. This campaign allows “Fonepay Offer App” users to refer the app to their friends and families. The referee must Download and Log in to their “Fonepay Offer App” for the referrer to be eligible. In return, the referrers can win Rs.100,000 along with an opportunity to earn a maximum of 2500 reward points which can also be redeemed for exciting products available in the app itself. 

The campaign will begin from Asadh 3, 2078 and end on Asadh 31, 2078.

The referrers who wish to participate in this campaign must agree with the mentioned T&C. 

Referrer- “Fonepay Offer App” user who refers the non-app users (Referee)

Referee- Person who receives the referral link from the referrer. 



How to participate?

Invite Friends

Send your unique “Fonepay Offer App” referral link to your friends and families.

They Sign up

When your friends register to the Fonepay Offer App with the link you sent, it will be shown in the referral section. 

You get rewarded

Voila!! You are successfully eligible to earn 25 Fonepay points and up to 2500 on each successful referral which can be redeemed from the Fonepay Offer App redemption section. Also, you become eligible to win CASH PRIZES. 

On top of that, to make it more compelling we have added two leaderboards. With that, you can check the users who are leading this “Refer and Earn” campaign which will be updated every day at Nepal time 12:00 AM.

  1. Daily 
  2. Lifetime (Campaign Period)

Campaign Prizes and Eligibility 

Reward Name Reward
Daily Winner (Highest Referrals) Rs. 1,000
Lifetime Winner (Highest Referrals) Rs. 10,000
Bumper Prize Rs. 100,000

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The contest is valid to citizens of Nepal who are the age of 18 years or above. 
  2. The competition is valid from and to the given date (i.e., Asadh 3, 2078 to Asadh 31, 2078). The campaign will be closed after the mentioned date. 
  3. The participants must refer a friend (from Fonepay Offer App) only. Referral by any other means shall not be eligible for this referral offer. 
  4. Referrals must use their unique referral link provided and upon successful referral, the referrer will be rewarded with 25 reward points on each referral accepted by the referee.
  5. The referee should be logged in to the “Fonepay Offer App” for the referrer to be eligible. Then only the referer can claim the Referral offer reward points and prize only after the referred person is successfully logged in to the Fonepay Offer App. 
  6. Throughout this referral campaign, a single person can earn a maximum of 2500 reward points.
  7. There are no limitations on the number of referrals that referrers can refer to using their provided referral link. However, if a user is found referring to him/herself using multiple IDs and or any attempt to take unfair advantage, as deemed by us, of the Refer & Earn Program will be subject to termination of participation. 
  8. To be eligible for the bumper prize, users must refer to at least 3 of their friends or families. 
  9. The leaderboard will be displayed in the Fonepay Offer App and will reset every day at 12 AM. To show the leading referrers, Fonepay seeks the user’s consent to use their display picture and their name. 
  10. No cash payment will be made in lieu of the prize. 
  11. The Organizer will not be liable for any loss of data due to server issues and other technical faults that may come up while accepting and performing the challenge. 
  12. Organizers shall not be liable for any loss of reward points due to incorrect information such as mobile number, email address.
  13. The reward points received cannot be converted in cash and can only be redeemed via “Fonepay Offer App.”
  14. The reward points can only be redeemed with the available products in the Fonepay Offer App. The redemption of the products is entirely dependent on the availability of the product. 
  15. While making the redemption, the transaction of the customer for QR transactions shall be reviewed by Fonepay for any suspicious or unnatural transaction. 
  16. The rewards earned on Business to Business (B2B) transactions, payment made to own merchant and unnatural business transactions shall not qualify for redemption. Such transactions shall be reviewed by Fonepay and Fonepay reserves the right to deduct them from the reward earned.  
  17. Fonepay may seek supporting documents such as bills, receipts from the customer for any suspicions and large transactions. 
  18. The organizer shall not be held responsible for any claim put forward by the winner for the product. 
  19. The Organizer shall not be liable for any tax implications that may arise from the prize winnings. Note: Winners will be provided with a prize only after deducting the 25% TDS.
  20. By participating in these Challenges, the participants agree and acknowledge to comply with all the terms and conditions that may be imposed.
  21. By participating in this campaign, a participant unconditionally irrevocably accepts and agrees to be bound by all these terms and conditions as stated herein at all times without any exception. It is assumed that the participant has read the terms and conditions and shall be held responsible in case of violation of the same.