fonepay Direct बाट जति सुकै पैसा ट्रान्स्फर पनि रु. १० मै

fonepay Direct बाट जति सुकै पैसा ट्रान्स्फर पनि रु. १० मै

Can you buy a Samosa at Rs.10? Or a plate of Mo:Mo? 

Seems impossible right? But guess what? You can now transfer any amount of money at only Rs. 10 through fonepay Direct. Yes, through fonepay direct, no matter how much the transfer amount is, you will be charged only Rs.10.  

Well, what exactly fonepay Direct is then? 

fonepay Direct is the most convenient and quickest way to send money through your Bank’s Mobile Banking App. All you need to do is, enter the recipient’s mobile number, put in the amount, select their bank and send money instantly. Connected to 55+ banks across Nepal, fonepay Direct allows you to send money to anyone’s bank account across Nepal. 

So, not just convenient, accessible and quick, now it is also the most affordable medium of Nepal.  

How to send money through fonepay Direct?

Thus, whenever you have to transfer funds to anyone just enter the recipients’ mobile number and send money to anyone’s bank account in just Rs.10 through fonepay Direct.